Latest Changelog Updates (Click here to see full changelog)
25 September 2020 (07:27) To avoid confusions, guilds options at website have been updated. You may now invite guild members and join guilds only via game client commands.
25 September 2020 (05:24) Paladin and Knight vocations have been balanced. Further changes may apply in the course of the week, aswell for mages.
22 September 2020 (05:53) NPC Uzgod and Arwen have been remaked 100%.
21 September 2020 (07:20) I keep working in map and lore expansion. I hope you like it! Also if you want to create spawns for the game just map and send them to me, If they are good enough I will add them to the game!
21 September 2020 (07:19) Due the new condition of shimmer weapons NPC Uzgod has been updated with more forging weapons. I will add the rest of the armors and weapons tomorrow.
21 June 2020 (23:14) by Francisco Fonseca - Welcome to Rookgaard Tales!

My name is Francisco Fonseca, I am from Mexico and I would like to invite you to play Rookgaard Tales. I spent more than 12 years programming this game, I really put my heart into this project. This server respects the original feeling of Rookgaard, adding many new secrets and new adventures for you to enjoy. If you like Rookgaard, come and play with us! I promise you a lot of fun!

This server is 100% Free. If you want to support the server keep on mind that you won't recive any kind of benefit. ALL of the money will be used on the monthly VPS rent $9.99 USD

Support the Server Monthly Rent Here

Join Official Discord Server Here

Like our Facebook Page Here

Server Features:
No pay to win
No botting allowed
No multiclient allowed
RPG Server
Hunting Tasks
All items work just like real Tibia!
All outfits, addons and mounts can be obtained through quests / items!
New creatures!
New quests, including classic ones and new surprises!
New weapons!
New zones to level up faster!
Bank system!
Crafting system!
Lumberjack system!
Mining system!
Spell learning system!
Summon system!
Wedding system!
Improved fishing!
Rare Spawns / Bosses!
Revamped areas!
NPCs from the mainland visit the island giving access to more adventures!
Many new mysteries!
Quality of content, and much more surprises!


In memory of my cat Virgilia, thanks for all the purrs

The Sword of Fury, legend of Rookgaard
This is a non-profit fanmade game by Francisco Fonseca. Please, play and support Cipsoft's Tibia at Copyright Cipsoft GmbH. All rights reserved. Tibia is a registred trademark of Cipsoft GmbH.